Flight Information

Baggage Policy

For beech 1900D aircraft

Carry On luggage : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 8 kg max
  • Dimension : 50x 30×10
  • Must Fit underseat and no wheels attached
Check in luggage Allowance: 1 pcs
  • Weight: 23 kg (free)
  • Dimensions: L x H x W < 160 cm
  • 1 luggage per person traveling
  • Extra Check in Luggage per flight segment Fees:
Extra luggage
  • 1 extra luggage pcs usd $ 40 (23kg max)
  • 2nd extra luggage pcs usd $ 60 (23kg max)

On Line Boarding Passes

If purchase on line every passenger  must make a print out hard copy to present at the airport authorities to enter the terminal. A hardcopy can always be picked up at check n counter

Travelling with Children under 2 years old
You are allowed to bring the following in carry on luggage:
  • 1 daiper bag with maximum of 5 kg(11lbs)
  • Stroller are allowed but are removed to baggage compartment at entering the aircraft
  • Children are not seated at emergency Exits windows Row 3 and 4
  • Must inform travel agent or airline staff before check in and/ or when make reservation

Unaccompanied minors(UM)/Young passengers (YP)
UM age = 6-11 years YP age = 12-17 years

For Unaccompanied minors(UM) and Authorisation Letter and a [EZ Air UM form] (click to link print) to be filled in and have present at making your reservation or at buying your tickect(travelagent) and present at the check in counter airport.

  1. Signed authorization letter
  2. Photo copy of parents(both) passport or ID
  3. Fees – Non transfer flights usd $ 50 – Interisland flights Aruba/Curacao/Bonaire usd $25 per oneway – Interisland flights Between CUR-SXM, SXM –CUR, BON-EUS,EUS-BON usd $25 per one way

For international flights between Curaco- Colombia usd $ 30 per one way segment, Usd $ 50 per Rountrip In case of multiple Unaccompanied minors or Young passengers in one record location (PNR) a fee of only one Unaccompanied /Young passenger is applicable (max 2 per PNR)

Special Assistance

Passengers who require  assistance  wheelchair assistance,  MAAS meet and assist  for elderly passengers must notify before purchase/check in  and will be provided on request.

Yellow fever Vaccination Aruba

Imigration card for Curaçao.:
ED Card:

You can travel to Curacao by air with direct flights from North America, Europe, and South America or visit Curacao by sea on a cruise or with your own yacht. Before arriving on the island, be sure to fill out your Embarkation-Disembarkation (ED) Card and know what you can bring with you through customs.

Imigration card for Aruba.:
ED Card:

This offers you the opportunity to fill out the ED–card online as a convenient ahead-of-time alternative to the existing ED–card that is handed out on board all flights to Aruba. You can fill in the online ED–card from the moment you have booked your ticket, up until boarding your flight to Aruba. Just like the existing ED–card, the application of the online ED–card is free of charge.

Oversized luggage

Oversized luggage To be transported upon request and approval GOSM